TETRA Development Tools and Consultancy

What do we do?

We cater for a wide range of TETRA development needs, from enabling your application to send SDS messages over the TETRA network, to the full range of TETRA features.

Waking-Up Ltd is a small team of experienced TETRA consultants, coming together in a new venture to help customers connect TETRA software applications to the driver layers of a TETRA provider, including Airbus and Motorola networks.


Waking-Up offers a range of products to help applications developers connect to a TETRA infrastructure. In particular, the Airbus TCS  (Tetra Connectivity Server) API is based on Microsoft COM technology, which makes it hard to connect to it using languages that do not natively support COM. This includes Java, and even Microsoft .NET, since .NET Interop does not support the full range of COM features used by the TCS API.


Our consultancy covers the issues that you are likely to encounter when connecting your software client to a TETRA network.
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